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7 Signs You Should Invest in a Cloud ERP System

By D1 Technologies, LLC

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a business management software that integrates all the core processes needed to run a business: finance, accounting, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement, and others services in a single system. But new cloud ERP systems such as SAP business one and Microsoft Dynamics are way more than this basic ERP software. They provide enhanced business intelligence, instant insights, in-depth analytics, and cloud computing throughout every aspect of your business management.

The Benefits of ERP System:

Every ERP system is built with a set of specific ERP modules and streamlined workflows which integrates, extracts and process information from various business component’s and provides valuable data. This allows to eliminate separate information silos among the various departments, eliminates problem like lack of communication between departments and provide everyone a single source of data stored in a hybrid cloud and accessible anytime, from anywhere.

The significant benefit of having a cloud based ERP software is that it comes with bunch of extra features for your business; 24/7 availability, disaster recovery, scheduled backups, customization, and on-premise infrastructures. Data saved in secured cloud based environment is easy access, transfer and share data across departments.

7 Reasons to Invest in a Cloud ERP System

ERP for All Business Sizes

Most enterprises have this misconception that an ERP system is useful for global enterprises only. No matter your business size, your business can too face issues in manual processes. Most ERP providers are offering different types of ERP solutions as per the need of your business, be it a small size business or a mid-size company!

Depending on the business needs, there are many options available from SAP, Microsoft, Intuit, Sage and others provide most affordable and cost cutting erp software for small business and midsize companies. Who knows your business is also drowning in spreadsheets, manual processes, and bad information from dissimilar solutions and you’re not aware of it? Read on to know some common signs indicating that you should invest in Cloud ERP:

  1.  Business needs are growing:

    Are you ready for sudden business demands? And opportunity to reach next level. With the expansion of your business, it becomes challenging to manage various departments at the same time. This is the moment when ERP system comes handy for your business.

    Cloud based ERP increases the efficiency and improves resource available for your business. It provides unlimited storage space, development and customization features to your business.


  2.  Difficulty in managing reports

    Unable to manage reports? Business Intelligence is the key for real-time data analytics and deep insights for critical business decisions. Believe it or not, but most companies still use paper to run through processes of finance, human resource, management and budgeting which is a problem in itself. 


    A cloud based ERP system is a complete data driven decision based solution for your business to manage accurate reporting with cross-department data and real-time visibility into the status of all processes from quote to cash for decision makers.

  1.  Often getting beaten off

    Some companies consider that implementing an ERP software system is just advantageous for the various functions of department and hence they choose to go for the same system as long as they are getting satisfactory results. However, the truth is, the right ERP application allows you to perform predictive data analysis, provides opportunities for the business needed to increase competitive improvement across the entire industry.

    Who knows maybe your competitors are outsmarting you by advancing to new technology and implementing best infrastructure with regular system updates for enhanced business management.


  1.  Theft of sensitive information

    It seems that every day, a massive cyber-attack on a company makes headline news. Your business data is too vital to be tucked away just because you feel it’s safe in your system. Moving to careful implementation and project planning can make your valuable data reduce the risk of cyber-attack.

    Secured data environment ensures that only authorized employees are accessing data or other fortunate business information, significantly dropping security risks across the board. If you want your data secured while still be able to deliver impressive data processing, and mobile device integration, then an advanced and updated ERP system with secured is the best bet.


  1.  Increase in maintenance cost

    If you feel that your company is draining too much money on maintaining your own hosting, then it’s the time for you to look for cloud hosting services and avoid all upfront costs. A cloud based ERP is purely based on the location of server, number of users, type of applications going to be run in the server and the customization levels.

    Implementation of cloud erp also helps in reducing the operating costs depending on the pricing structure of vendor, deployment model and maintenance. Eventually, the cost of IT support services becomes less too because the cloud vendor is responsible to handle everything and every problem that you server may face.


  1.  Facing server downtime

    Every business regardless of its size knows that maintaining a good customer relation is significant for their business growth. A customer never wants to get in a queue waiting to get the query resolved. In regard, switching to a cloud erp can help you provide great customer experience. A highly efficient cloud computing server with almost zero server downtime helps your customer to get instant access to the support team.

    Additionally, customer service module helps you to provide details of customer-specific product outline and pricing. Cloud based ERP helps you to realize the life cycle management of customer assets verified by records, customer files, service history, essential component services, and past service process in a blazing fast speed. Customer support gains prominence after sales.

    To maintain a long-lasting relationship with your customers, you must deliver a highly efficient customer support response. With cloud ERP managing all customer related information, their assets, contact, past activity, and service request becomes easy to access providing all the information your customers needed whenever they want to.


  1.  Restricted to propriety machine

    You can’t carry your manual data records wherever you go. You can’t access it whenever you need! That is why choosing an ERP solution is a wise move for your business since having an ERP solution lets you access to a centralized database wherever and whenever you want through mobile-friendly applications.

    Latest ERP software systems are reliable, flexible, and configurable. They aren’t a one-size-fits-all proposition, but you can personalize them as per the unique needs of your business. ERP systems also adapt to the ever-changing needs of a growing business, making sure you won’t need to buy a new solution once your needs change or your business grows.


Cloud ERP Service Provider:

The benefits of using an cloud erp are countless and have incredible effects on your business productivity and efficiency. Companies that have gone for an ERP system have seen reduced operating costs, improvement in timely delivery and improvement in inventory turnout.

If you haven’t switched to an cloud based software, then you should consider adopting it right away! So, cloud services provider like D1 Technologies can help you set up the best cloud erp computing environment be you’re a small or midsize business.


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