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Can Your Food Business Benefit from ERP software for the Cloud?

By D1 Technologies, LLC

ERP software for the cloud is becoming more frequently used across the American Food industry. But does that mean it is right for your business?

Key Signs Your Business Could Benefit from ERP Software 

There are many very specific ways that food businesses can benefit from the use of ERP software for the cloud. Check the key signs to understand whether your business could benefit from ERP software for the cloud usage.

Could You Benefit from Tracking Ingredients?

Tracking ingredients and inventory tracking is a consistent challenge in the food industry. Unlike many other industries, the quality of products developed by food businesses is extremely time-sensitive. This puts the efficiency of production at the forefront of all challenges faced by food businesses.

Tracking supplies of ingredients effectively will always benefit a food business, from avoiding waste to ensuring consistent quality. This means that ERP’s capacity to accurately track large amounts of supply coming in and out of the inventory is a significant benefit to food businesses.

Is Full Traceability Important to Your Customer?

Many markets are finding that consumers are becoming more and more aware of where their food comes from. This means that for many businesses, the origins of food is as important as quality for their brand message. If traceability is important for your target market, you will most likely benefit from ERP software products.

ERP enables food businesses to easily manage supplier lot information, which includes information regarding the time of receipt, production and shipping. It empowers food businesses to collect, hold and apply large amounts of intricate information regarding the origins of supply, which would otherwise require resources within the team.

Find Out More

Find out how your business could specifically benefit from ERP software for the cloud solutions by contacting D1 Technologies’ experts directly.



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