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Creating a Selection Criteria Name in Financial Accounting Reports

By D1 Technologies, LLC

If certain accounts are often selected together (example, checking all AP control accounts, or certain expense accounts), it is tedious to select the same accounts again and again.  Depending on the structure of the Chart of Accounts you may not be able to even see the name of the account.

Create a Selection Criteria Name that saves your selection. 

Financials > Financial Reports > Accounting > General Ledger




1 - Enter CTRL-A

2 - Select GL account(s). 

3 - Enter a name for the Selection Criteria Name.

4 - Click on the Save button.     Execute to run the report.




When returning to the GL report, click on the round choose from button in Selection Criteria Name, or enter the criteria name.




Example in Document Journal:  frequently run the report  to show types A/P Invoices, A/P Down Payments and A/P Credit Memos.  Enter program.  Enter CTRL-A.  (unsaved data will be lost message).  Enter selection criteria, example, go to Expanded button and select the document types.   Go back to main screen.  Enter a selection criteria name.  Click on SAVE.    Click OK to run.

When returning to the program, click on round choose from button in Selection Criteria Name field, highlight and use Choose button to select.




For the financial reports (Balance Sheet, P&L, Trial Balance) if only specific accounts are desired, create a Financial Report Template (in Financials).













When running the Financial Report, use the drop down box to select the new template.












Click on the “x” column for row 1 to include all of the GL accounts in the template.  It is not necessary to display all levels of the template.

Using the template eliminates having to individually select the GL accounts to return on the report.

















For more information, contact Mark Burt at D1 Technologies, Cayce, SC  at (803) 740-5008.

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