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Evaluate Employee Performance with Spy Software for PC

By D1 Technologies, LLC

Evaluate Employee Performance with Spy Software for PCTechnology over the years has happened to a miracle, especially for the business world. Contemporary laptop and desktop PCs empowers the employees within the working hours to bring enough productivity.

Moreover, employees computer devices connected to the internet help them out do research about the competitors and further to get information in detail.However, the company’s owned computer machines also have become a headache for the employers who really owned the devices. Because they believe that employees usually have found wasting time within the working hours. They visit social media apps and websites and even get access to the entertaining websites to get entertained rather than to stay focused on their work.

Evaluate Employee Performance

So, the employees that use internet and desktop companies owned PCs for entertainment often become the factor to decrease the productivity and then put the blame on subordinates. Therefore, modern technology and the employers want to keep an eye on the activities of their superior and junior employees to do justice with the employees who work harder. You can evaluate your each and every single employee’s performance with spy software for PC.

Install Computer Monitoring App

 If you want to evaluate your employees productivity on the company’s owned PC such as windows and MAC laptop and desktop devices. Then you should visit the official website of the computer spy app. subscribe for the PC surveillance app for Windows and MAC. Moreover, the end user should know about the operating systems of the targeted devices. In case you have devices that are running with both Windows and MAC OS.Then you need to get a computer monitoring app subscription. It means you have to have both MAC and windows spy software. You can get the both OS of the monitoring app individually. After the subscription, you will get the credentials such as pass-code and ID. Get physical access on the target MAC or window laptop or desktop devices. Get started with the installation process and when you have done with it activate the MAC & windows monitoring software on the target device. Furthermore, end user during the activation will see a sudden pop –up on the screen. It will empower the user to hide the icon of the PC monitoring app on the target device. However, you can skip the pop –up and finally activated the spy software for computers. Now use the pass-code and ID and get access to computer surveillance software online control panel and visit the features for Windows and MAC. Let’s describe the features individually.

Windows Monitoring app features

  • Block websites

You can remotely block the websites if your employees are wasting time within the working hours on company’s owned windows desktop or laptops

  • User –friendly reports

You can get the reports of the activities of your employees on company’s owned windows computer. You can get to know activity logs, visited apps, websites, alarm logs, sent/received emails and others.

  • Mighty Alarms

Set alarms on the target device assigned to employees and fix alarms on the activities and get regular instant alerts whenever employee is using device.

  • Real –Time monitoring

You can get access to the target device and get to know about the activities of your employees in real –time to evaluate their performance.

  • Invisible Mode of tracking

You can secretly get your eyes on your employee’s performance and then you can decide how he/she is working on windows computer.

MAC monitoring app features

Websites Blocking You can block all the websites that you want to block on your company’s owned MAC laptop and desktop device. All you need to do is to put the URLs into the filters.Camera Bug Remotely get control over the MAC laptop device camera and get to know who is up to the device within the working hours.MIC Bug Remotely get control over the target device MIC and then you can record and listen to the surround sounds and conversations.Screen recording Perform screen recording of your target laptop and desktop MAC computer and get short back to back videos of the real-time performed activities.Screenshots Remotely capture screenshots of all the activities of your employee on the company’s owned MAC computer device.


TheOneSpy computer monitoring software is the best tool for business organizations to evaluate the employee’s performance on the company’s owned MAC and windows devices.

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