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Food Management Software: Seniors & Food Safety

By D1 Technologies, LLC

With aging comes the increased likelihood of catching an illness from foods. It’s just a fact of life that as people age their immune system naturally weakens, and their organs slow down in their attempts to ward off pathogens that can cause infection. The stomach in an older individual tends to hold food for longer periods of time, which allows any foodborne illness or disease more time to affect the body. Additionally, the kidneys and liver aren’t as efficient as they once were at ridding the body of toxins that have been ingested along with food. Food manufacturers and other companies responsible for proper food handling are largely charged with food safety. They employ things like food management software to ensure all food is safe for consumption.

Take Control with Food Management SoftwareD1_Food_Seniors_image_iStock_000004013634_Small

Food management software gives companies the ability to fully control the safety and quality of their products, while maintaining full compliance with government and other organizations. Food management software from a company like D1 Technologies gives food manufacturers the ability to:

  • Improve the efficiency of manufacturing and distribution
  • Properly optimize their supply chain
  • Create full traceability and visibility through all parts of their processes

Essentially, food management software helps you reduce the risk of failure throughout your system, and improves your overall visibility and efficiency so faults can be easily tracked and remedied.

Maintain Your Good Reputation

While food management software will directly help you achieve a better process, output, and feedback, it will also indirectly help you improve your industry reputation. With intuitive food management software from D1 Technologies, your improved efficiency and quality will be recognized by your customers and partners.

While protecting the most vulnerable from foodborne diseases and illnesses is a primary part of your business, it’s important to understand that there are tools like food management software that can assist you in both improving your processes and protecting the public. Contact D1 Technologies today for more information about their intuitive food management software solutions: 803-740-5003.



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