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How to Share Search Results by E-Mail in SAP Business One!

By ResolvIT ERP

Search box is the new compass. No need to invest in navigation, memorizing folder hierarchy or menu structure. Just type it in the search box and the magic happens! The results are listed in front of you. Is that what you were looking for? Close but exactly? Well, if you are familiar with the enterprise search delivered with SAP Business One, you know that you can filter the search results and get exactly what you need. Same functionality is delivered with the Web client and more: 

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After fine tuning the search results (if needed), using various filtering options, you can send it via e-mail by clicking the "E-Mail" option in the "Share" menu. A new e-mail opens automatically with the search parameters in the subject line and hyperlink leading to the search results page is populated in the e-mail body: 

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Now, just add the recipients. If they have SAP Business One user, they’ll be able click the link and see directly your search results. 

Available in the Web client for SAP Business One 10.0. For more SAP Business One information, click here!

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