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Like The View? Save It in SAP Business One!

By ResolvIT ERP

Are you a sales manager? Bookkeeper? Customer retention expert? Different position, different tasks, and … different data to be retrieved and processed. Let's take A/R Invoices as an example: sales manager might be interested in the top sales employees sealed the highest total deals, the bookkeeper would look for the overdue A/R Invoices, and the customer retention expert? She would focus on changing trends. The list views in the Web client delivered with SAP Business One are so flexible, allowing each employee to extract the data they need and display it in the required format:

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The "View Settings" form enables you to select the displayed columns and their sequence, you can set sorting criteria, additional filters and grouping parameters for the data displayed in the table. You can switch the display to "Chart" mode:

No alt text provided for this image

The data in the list is translated to the chart of your choice. The measures and dimensions of the chart are derived from the columns selected in the "View Settings" form. Once you are happy with your view, you can save it for future use. Click the view menu > Save As > enter unique name for your view:

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In the "Save View" dialog, you can also decide whether to make this view as default for this list view, and whether to set this view as "Public" allowing other users to consume it as well. A saved view encapsulates all the criteria selected in the filter bar, in the view settings and the display mode (chart/table).

Available in the Web client for SAP Business One 10.0. For more SAP Business One info, click here!

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