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Set Once, Post Recurrently in SAP Business One!

By Mark Burt

We all have these regular transactions that we post recurrently. It could be the monthly pay for the cleaning services, or the insurance for the building. Some of us keep the list of those transactions in the notebook, post-it’s on the monitor, or an Excel file… but – there is another way! 

SAP Business One allows you to set recurring postings and define the frequency and timing of the execution:

The Recurring Postings window is available under the Financials module. Here you set all the accounts, amounts, tax if needed and additional parameters of the transaction. You can also set the frequency and timing of execution.

To make sure that you don’t miss an instance and that the transactions are posted on time, activate the option “Display Recurring Postings on Execution” in the General Settings > Services tab. This way, a window listing all the recurring postings dated to the current system date will pop up once you log on to SAP Business One. 

Available in SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA and SAP Business One. For more information, please contact Mark Burt at

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