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Vertical or Horizontal? It's Your Choice In SAP Business One!

By ResolvIT ERP

Most of us spend (probably too) many hours in front of the screen. For work, shopping, errands and fun - our eyes scan screens. We are used to ignore ads and annoying banners on web sites and to adjust (when possible) the amount of items displayed on the screen in online stores. By now, everyone has a pretty good idea about their preferred display mode. What's yours? Do you prefer having all content in one page, or you rather see the content divided - one chunk at a time?

In the Web client for SAP Business One you can try out the two options and set your preference:

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Selecting "Show all content" displays all available apps of all categories in the home page, allowing you to scroll down, or click the required group name that is used as an anchor for more focused navigation. With this option, the detailed view (e.g. given sales quotation or item master data) is also displayed as a whole allowing you to scroll down or click a tab to reach the relevant section. The option "Show one group at a time" reduces the number of the displayed elements – in the home page, apps of one category are displayed at the time and when clicking another category the screen is refreshed with the apps of the selected category. Same behavior is applied to the detailed views respectively.

This setting is saved per user and can be changed at any time.

Available in the Web client for SAP Business One 10.0. For more SAP Business One Information, click here!

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