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What is SAP Leonardo? Solutions, Technologies, and Opportunities

By Mark Burt

SAP Leonardo is the latest digital innovation system that delivers cutting-edge software and micro-services businesses and organizations to take advantage of upcoming technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data, Machine Learning and Internet of Things.

SAP Leonardo name was inspired by Renaissance painter, philosopher, engineer, sculpture and architect Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo is well known for pioneering universal inventions that cut across various disciplines thanks to his high IQ of over 220. SAP Leonardo’s objective is to assist businesses and organizations expand seamlessly by integrating technology into their everyday operations.

Benefits & Features of SAP Leonardo:

  1. Reduce operational and maintenance cost
  2. Integrate with core business Process
  3. Real-time data ingestion and analytics
  4. User-centered design thinking

Why is SAP Leonardo a Digital Innovation System?

The SAP Leonardo digital innovation system assists businesses to thrive in digital transformation. The system runs on SAP Cloud Platform to support analytics, the blockchain, Big Data, IoT and machine learning. Also, the system assists design thinking services to enable businesses to manage appropriate digital transformation projects correctly to maximize profits.

SAP Cloud Platform: SAP Cloud Platform works with IoT to enable you to move from sensor to action. The IoT services assist you to connect application and processes to devices and machines that generate actions based on the data they produce.

SAP Cloud Platform - Foundation for SAP Leonardo-1

(Image source:


Design Thinking: Every new technology begins with a simple idea. To get the idea, your business can employ strategies that stimulate creativity. That’s what design thinking offers. It gathers experts, discuss problems and employs innovative tools to find a solution.

SAP Leonardo Solutions:

The success of every business today depends on their ability to connect products, infrastructure, assets, fleet, market, and people. Internet of Things make that achievable, and SAP Cloud Platform is critical in creating advanced IoT solutions.

 Reference Architecture for SAP IoT Solutions

(Image source:

  1. SAP Service Ticketing
  2. SAP Customer Retention
  3. SAP Cash Application
  4. SAP Job Matching
  5. SAP Resume Matching
  6. SAP Job Standardization
  7. SAP Brand Impact
  8. SAP CoPilot

SAP Leonardo Technologies:

 SAP Leonardo Technologies

(Image source:

1. Internet of things

Internet of Things encompasses all people and devices connected to gather information, analyze and develop action based on data. IoT enables devices connected on closed private networks to communicate with each other and across different networks creating a connected world.

2. Machine Learning

Machine learning is the utilization of artificial intelligence to offer systems the ability to learn and enhance performance based on experience without the need of programming. The technique focusses on developing computer programs capable of accessing data to use them and learn.

3. Analytics

IoT analytics is the utilization of data analysis tools and processes to achieve value from a large volume of data collected and produced by connected IoT devices. Analytics provides insight that for the basis for transformative actions.

SAP software analytics offers cloud-based analytical services to be used in predictive, spatial and text analysis.

Analytics makes it possible for businesses to gather and analyze data from sensors on various steps such as manufacturing, smart meters, machinery, other equipment, and delivery trucks.

4. Big Data

Big data refers to a collection of large complex sets of data that are challenging to capture, store, process, and search and even analyze with traditional data management systems.

For businesses and organizations, Big Data is essential in two ways, analytical utilization and new products.

  • Analytical utilization: SAP data science solutions can reveal previously hidden insights that were too expensive to process.
  • New products: Recently, web startups have used Big Data to be successful. For instance, Facebook has developed highly personalized user experience that has proved resourceful for advertising businesses. Google, Amazon, and Yahoo have also invested heavily in underpinning Big Data.

5. Blockchain

SAP Leonardo Blockchain technology offers ready to use blockchain tech hosted in the SAP Cloud. It is readily accessible remotely instead of depending on end-user software or premise technology.

6. Data Intelligence

Data intelligence connects, analyzes, aggregates and anonymizes data to organize it to be utilized commercially. A business can use their data as it is or supplements it with a customer or third-party data in the industry. You can also employ algorithms and develop data insights for your business. SAP Leonardo’s digital innovation system makes data monetization possible.

SAP Leonardo Accelerators:

To successfully implement SAP Leonardo, proven accelerators are employed to deliver the best business outcome and numerous elements of SAP Leonardo IoT comes to play.

  1. SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge:
  2. IoT Foundations
  3. SAP Leonardo IoT Edge:

SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge:

Collects data from IoT and business operations and offers real-time data from various sources such as SAP and other applications. Managers can run business operations efficiently. IoT Bridge improves informed decision making, converts insights to action benefiting end users and makes viewing of data from various business and applications possible simultaneously.

 SAP Leonardo Iot Bridge

(Image source:

IoT Foundation:

Built on SAP Cloud Platform, IoT Foundation enables businesses to control and manage their devices securely. Companies can also connect to various industry standard protocols. Organizations can build and maintain uniformity in many IoT applications. Business data is added to a well-managed IoT data solution system with time series storage and other storage platforms for easy archiving.

SAP Leonardo IoT Edge:

For enhanced asset uptimes, staff productivity and operational efficiency, business processes need optimization. SAP Leonardo IoT edge optimizes such operations at the edge of the network, close to the source of IoT data. Through optimization of computation and transmission of relevant data from the edge to the business via the cloud, enterprises can improve IoT efficiency, increase data processing, improve response time, reduce costly communications and enhance performance.

Opportunities and Latest Happenings:

SAP launched SAP Leonardo Partner Medallion Initiative to expand design led engagement services and increase the number of digital in no vision solutions.

The initiative enrolls 13 SAP initially to create and deliver innovative solutions to assist clients globally innovate fast and manage risks. With a high number of organizations searching for creative transformations, SAP consultant opportunities are immense.

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