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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

At ResolvIT ERP, we understand that your systems are as only as good as the information and wisdom you gain from them. Business intelligence tools play a key role in helping you to get a single version of the information truth.

We are completely adept at helping you with three key SAP analytics solutions for Business Intelligence and Analytics:

SAP Business Objects SAP Crystal Reports SAP Hana


SAP Business Intelligence Tools and Predictive Analytics Solutions

SAP Business Objects

business intelligence solution redefine the way information empowers users, delivering insight through a single, trusted business intelligence software. By supporting a unified view of all information assets, they increase consistent, statistical analysis and informed decision-making across the organization.

Today’s organizations are challenged to integrate and make sense of widespread, disparate data, enable collaborative team efforts, and optimize business performance across the entire organization and a dynamic network of partners. To optimize business performance and stay ahead of the competition, organizations must confront the gap between strategy and execution.

The nature of information is changing. It is no longer possible to manage your business using only structured information generated within four walls. All information, structured or unstructured, from inside or outside the organization, needs to be brought together in a way that is relevant for business decisions.

It is no longer sufficient for applications to support individual contributors within a functional silo. Your users need support for how they really get things done – collaborating in teams and communicating across departmental and geographic boundaries, all in a very specific business context.

Companies can no longer maintain arm's-length relationships with their customers and suppliers. Your company needs to optimize business performance across a dynamic network of partners with whom it is outsourcing, in-sourcing, off-shoring, and on-shoring. Such business networks empower your company to deliver faster innovation to customers at lower costs by sharing investments, assets, and ideas.

SAP BI provide an enterprise data information infrastructure that allows your organization to make every person, process, and decision more intelligent. With SAP business intelligence platform, you can close the loop between information and action.

SAP Crystal Reports

Turn information from almost any data sources into a sophisticated, interactive report – easily – with SAP 1435908669595Crystal Reports. This powerful, user-friendly application for small businesses and departments can help you deliver key insights to the right decision maker, at the right time, in the right format.

Intuitive Design Environment

Design elegant reports quickly using a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) layout that offers popular design, integration, and deployment options.

Design Acceleration Features

Reduce report design time with features such as global formula search, duplicate formula, duplicate running total, a "find-in-field" explorer, and more.

Powerful Data Mash-Ups

Extend report design with powerful, integrated components, including dynamic charts, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design visualizations.

Comprehensive Deployment Options

Deploy and share reports in multiple ways, such as data driven publishing, new data access, comprehensive export options, and application development kits.



High Performance Data Analytics


SAP HANA allows you to analyze your business operations, using huge volumes of data, as business happens. Operational data is captured in-memory and external data can be easily added to provide you with insight from data across the entire organization.

Your organization can dramatically reduce hardware and maintenance costs associated with running multiple data warehouse, operational, and analytical systems. SAP HANA enables you to make better decisions, faster, by providing immediate access to relevant information with little need for help from IT.