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15 Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Cloud Service Provider - Infographics

By D1 Technologies, LLC

Businesses of all shapes, sizes, and geographic locations are turning to cloud services. Cloud adoption continues to have measurable impacts, allowing companies to improve efficiency and productivity, lower operational and maintenance costs, and speed up time to market. Ready to choose a cloud service provider? Keep these 15 things in mind:


15 Factors - Right Cloud Service Provider

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  1. Certifications & Standards

Cloud service providers who follow a standard set of protocols offer better security, capability, reliability, and support to protect your data.

  1. Experience

For consistent growth, performance, and security, choose a provider with tenure and a record of success.

  1. Technical Expertise

Your cloud service provider needs to enable smooth cloud performance, desired customizations, and ease of deployment.

  1. Technical Support

Check the level and choice of communication for any support issues.  You need hassle-free, quick-response tech support.

  1. SLAs

It’s important to have a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) that describes the contractual relationship between the customer and the cloud service provider.

  1. Migration Support

You don’t want to end up with contract constraints when you’re ready to migrate.

  1. Reliability

Make sure the cloud service measures up on performance, uptime, analytics, customer management, and reporting.

  1. Backup & Disaster Recovery

Check to see if the cost of backup and recovery is covered under the SLA, and read all terms and conditions.

  1. Application Architecture

Always consider application architecture which provides ease of integration, scalability, and efficiency.

  1. Security

Check the security infrastructure, process, encryption, and data governance policies.

  1. Storage

It’s a good idea to consider the security policies and infrastructure of any cloud storage provider; this can vary based on the SLA and on your particular needs.

  1. Performance

Cloud servers should provide on-demand services with dynamic scalability and consumption of resources.

  1. Costs

Type of network, computing resources, storage amounts, separate workloads, and geographic locations all affect price.

  1. Manageability

An extra layer of cloud management provides easy monitoring and scalability, and avoids vendor lock-in.

  1. Cloud Automation

Cloud automation eliminates the manual processes of workload deployment, management and data backup.


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