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Built for finance with Intacct!

By D1 Technologies, LLC

Exclusive R&D focus

We'll always be striving to do better, so that it's easy for you to do your best, too.

Tech Savvy CFO

Every R&D dollar at Intacct is spent on delivering value to you, the modern financial professional. We offer new capabilities on a quarterly basis, the fastest pace of innovation in the industry. As a result, we can lay claim to a number of firsts: first consolidation system, first to integrate with Salesforce, and the first professional financial management system. So you can trust that Intacct has been proven by thousands of customers to be consistent, reliable, and innovative. And you can have confidence that we’ll always be striving to do better, so that it's easy for you to do your best, too.
Control without coding
We get it. You need total command over your financial management software. You need to be able to make changes to your solution as your business evolves. And you don’t want to wait for IT to do custom-coding to make those changes. It’s why we’ll always offer user-friendly, incredibly easy point-and-click configuration. Tailor your own screens, transaction workflows, and more. Change or create financial reports with a few clicks. And get the answers you need, without waiting.
Financial management software preferred by the AICPA
The AICPA selected Intacct as its preferred provider of financial management applications. They conducted a thorough, comparative evaluation of applications and chose Intacct above all the others. Only a solution that offers modern accounting architecture and rock-solid, multi-ledger, GAAP-compliant financials could claim these bona fides. Their due diligence lets you know that you are evaluating today's most advanced solution.

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