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SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud refers to an all in one could platform designed for business intelligence, predictive analytics, and planning. For business owners and managers, SAP Analytics Software helps them make appropriate decisions based on comprehensive data collected and analyzed about their business.

Enterprise Level Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud supplies data models, associated user interfaces as well as a design environment that promotes top-notch business practices in the entire value chain. Design environment created by SAP Analytics empowers business owners to develop, modify and employ analytic applications needed for their businesses to thrive in this competitive industry.

Decision making is a critical part of every business. With SAP Analytics Cloud, you’ll become one of the best-run company by merely adopting and improving analytics to support decisions made from an informed point of view. Your decision will not only be based on your boardroom meetings but also on information gathered from your clients.

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SAP Analytics Cloud

Share Data and Insights With Your Team and Visualize in the Cloud


With SAP Cloud Platform, your enterprise is bound to enjoy numerous benefits including:

  1. Analytics Re-imagined

Your business will be empowered with highly secure, reliable, trusted and self-serve SAP analytics tools. As a result, you get to deliver and receive accurate insight about your business from data that can be conveniently accessed in the cloud.

  1. Simplified Planning

When running a company, collaborative business planning is paramount since several departments must plan in tandem with others. With one cloud solution, planning is simplified through the elimination of separate reporting and analytics tools. Also, both planning products and spreadsheets are availed in one platform.

  1. Enhanced Cloud Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud gives your business an opportunity to deploy and experience cutting-edge technology that not only analyzes data automatically but also identifies and reveals important influencers without bias in a natural way. Moreover, the platform supports numerous possibilities through simulations.

Share insights using your mobile device

  1. Centralized Intelligence

Business intelligence is here to stay. For businesses to realize the beauty of this game changer, centralized intelligence is vital as it lets you track your company’s KPIs in real time. The tracking does not discriminate minute or significant updates, you receive and view all of them on your interactive dashboards.

  1. Automatic Insights

Settings performance edges have been a thorn in the flesh for those managing IT ops. Fortunately, machine learning frees IT staff for higher level roles and decision making. With automated insights, your role remains to take action.

  1. Integrated Planning

Streamlined workflow is mandatory to realize high ROI. Sap cloud platform makes it possible to streamline workflows. With SAP Lumira Cloud and SAP Lumira desktop software, you can share data and insights with your team and visualize in the cloud for others to see.

Fortunately, SAP Lumira Cloud is built on the SAP HANA cloud platform making your data very secured. You can comfortably share insights using your mobile device to stakeholders regardless of whether they’re in or out of the corporate firewall.

  1. Interactive Results

Knowing your business endless possibilities can be the game-changer you need. SAP Analytics tools give you the opportunity to dive deeper into the possible world by running simulations. From your boardroom, you get to view your business in all possibilities and “what if” scenarios and that helps you make informed decisions.

Decision-Making Capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform

SAP analytics cloud is the future of decision making. Thanks to SAP Lumira Cloud, businesses can now visualize vast amounts of data efficiently and securely. Hidden insights can be unraveled faster than before using mobile devices or just a browser. That alone implies that business owners can make informed decisions with confidence. How?

Get Accurate Insights For Your Business

  1. Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence is available both in the cloud and on-premise. Business intelligence tools provide insights and actionable info to users. Why rely on guesswork when you can monitor essential metrics and get valuable insight about customer behavior?

With SAP Business Objects, users can get decision-ready intelligence. They can also discover and share insights simultaneously.

  1. Planning and Analysis

Irrespective of your business type, SAP Cloud planning and analysis solutions aids you to make a collaborative plan, budget, predict and report performance with the aim of making informed decisions that improves outcome.

  1. Predictive Analytics

Imagine being able to travel into the future and see your business. SAP Business Intelligence platform utilizes predictive algorithms and machine learning to determine possibilities of future outcomes and offer information to help you direct your business on the right path.

SAP predictive analytics is achieved through the creation, deployment, and maintenance of thousands of prognostic models. With such an on-premise product, you can foresee future behavioral patterns and possible results helping you make better decisions that will see your business thrive as a result.

SAP Analytics Cloud Solutions by ResolvIT ERP

  • Finance:

simplify financial planning for all your business with highly integrated functionality that plans based on actual data, spots trends and enhances data accuracy and user confidence.

SAP Analytics Cloud Solutions

  • Human Resources:

Based on their efforts, optimize your members of staff. SAP analytics cloud enables you to see your workforce using data from various sources, see recruiting and labor costs, and plan for future thanks to machine learning.

  • Operations:

Set standards for your business intelligence and streamline your operations. Seal loopholes by pinpointing outliers early, examine and analyze your inventory and improve productivity by embracing data-driven decisions.

  • Sales:

Utilize data gathered to seize opportunities by measuring sale pipeline, managing sales to exceed quotas and identify upcoming sales trends early enough.

  • Marketing:

Deploy marketing strategies based on data for improved results. Connect and track your activities, manage budgets and make data-driven decisions to realize high ROI.

Product Implementation and Security

SAP Lumira cloud is designed for agile cloud visualizations. The SAP Analytics Cloud software quickly visualizes large quantities of data without compromising security and performance. It’s built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform to store data in a highly secure manner meeting the highest security standards set. To know more about the cloud security read this blog Thinking about Security in the Cloud.